Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 2 Post

So... I've had a horrible cold the past week which hindered my abilities to participate in all of the weekly activities. Feeling better this week, I plan to catch up on my missed tasks and complete everything. Setting up all of the accounts required for LIS 568 was quite scary because I did not fully understand all the "In's and outs" of the technology that we would be using and I have never taken an online class. Also, it required a lot of time to play around with the accounts and different systems but so far the only one that still seems complicated would be diigo. Through the readings I have learned about the benefits or web blogging as well as the complicated nature of copyrighting. The benefits on web blogging was especially interested because before reading the first couple chapters I couldn't think of many ways that blogging could be essential to the students. Understanding that students enjoy working on the computers and especially online its exciting to see that blogging can help teach critical reading and writing skills. I thought this was great especially for a student that is having difficulties in that area! If the student can have a better grasp of the concepts through web blogging I think it is worth a try for both teachers and parents. If I can be made into an optimist after reading the chapter, web blogging should be taken into more consideration in class rooms. Plus the added benefit that the teacher can post assignments, instructions and due dates so there is not confusion for the student or parent. At the very least I think every teacher should be able to have their own website (through the school) so that this can be accomplished. I remember being a student and forgetting my assignment pad and not knowing what exactly was due or what chapters to read. I would have thoroughly enjoyed this application as a student to be able to be more organized!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've never written a blog before...

I've never even considered writing a blog before. The only thing that comes to mind about blogs is from the movie Julie and Julia. So this is a whole new experience for me that I hope to become better at with time. Actually all the new sites that I've signed up for are new.... and I thought I was pretty good at navigating and understanding the internet! Apparently not! I guess that is why it is a good thing that I am taking this class! Through this class (LIS 568) I hope to develop a firm grasp of all of the systems that we will be using so I can apply them in my field.